More productivity with less effort

Say goodbye to clunky servers that tie you down. Websol Business Management Cloud POS software keeps keeps your business with you wherever you go. Whether you have one location or one hundred, it's all on the cloud.

With the best Clous POS software in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and all over Pakistan, your products, customers and orders are automatically synced everywhere. You’ll no longer need to keep multiple product records or rely on guesswork when it comes to inventory.


Manage Your Workflow Easily

In fact, Cloud POS keeps track of all your transactions and updates every little detail across all stores, registers and sales channels seamlessly.

  • Keep track of customer information for enhanced service and outreach.
  • Receive alerts when you are running low on vital inventory and stock.
  • Generate reports using data that is collected and stored in real-time.


Sale Management

Smart and interactive Sales register (POS) to register sales. Barcode scanners can also be used to make process easier.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory easily. You can categorize them, move them between warehouse and store, generate reports.

Accounting Solution

Let Websol POS manages all the accounting hurdles for your store business, no need to hire extra resource.

Product Management

Manage your products, categorize them, assign unit of measure, with cost price and as well as per unit price.

Sales Return

You can record a returned sale that can be whole order or any particular item from an order if returned by customer.


Search any product with BARCODE directly. You can print your customized barcodes for each products or use its own.

Employee & HR Management

Manage your employees, mark their attendance, manage payroll, track their performance easily with Websol POS.

Customer Management (CRM)

Manage your customers with Websol POS, track their sales, send them promotions via SMS or Email or using Postal Address.

Product Location Management

Oh! Where is that damn medicine! Forgets frequently? Let Smart POS tells you where is particular item in store/dispensaries.

Unit of Measure

Assign your products units of measure and a unique code ISBN/UPC/Barcode according to its nature for better handling and monitoring.

Tax Management

Let Websol POS manage all the taxes implemented by Govt. It allows you to apply different taxes using Tax Management.

Purchase & Stock

you can Manage and see your Purchases, Stock and Inventory more smartly and efficiently than ever before using Websol Smart POS.

Suppliers Management

Using Smart POS, manage your Suppliers easily. Manage their contact information, pending payments, purchase orders etc.

Rack Management

Tired of managing your stock in racks in store/warehouse. Let Websol POS manages it for you in no time.

Reports Management

You can slice and dice sales data in a variety of ways to determine what products are selling best using Interactive Reports.

Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse/Godowns, move stock between store and warehouse more smartly using Warehouse Management.

Email & SMS to Customer

Send sales invoice, promotions and deals, to customers via Email & SMS. Let Websol CRM manages your Customer Relationship.

FBR POS Integration

Websol POS is fully integrated with taxation authorities like FBR, GST, VAT, SRB, PRA, KPRA, BRA, etc.

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