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Websol Technologies, an IoT provider with many years of experience, provides all IoT services, including consulting, development and implementation, analysis, support and improvement.

Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative, centrifuge an existing IoT application, or integrate your IoT solutions with the same process, we make a reliable and cost-effective solution and do your marketing campaigns


Our IoT team works for enterprises with different levels of IoT implementation and provides:

Support & Evolution

Our team of IoT consultants and developers ensures that your solutions without lice:

  • Always improve your IoT solutions, complete and measure security, add a new generation of code, integrate IoT solutions with third-party systems and applications, introduces a new IoT solution.
  • We expose operational problems, dig into their origins and reduce them over time. Our technicians are well-versed in detecting system vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities to ensure that your IoT systems are fast, reliable, flexible and secure.

A combination of Original & Applied Products

The benefits of IoT solutions that are not included in the current system are questionable. We aim to integrate software with legacy systems (ERP, MES, CRM, WMS, SCADA, etc.) and configure them to work in sync for bidirectional data streams and non-transactional

Solution Implementation

If you have a plan to solve the IoT problem, we will work with project partners to understand the specific business goals that you want to achieve by creating the necessary information, detailed business and IoT solutions to achieve your goals.

In addition, if you have a detailed description, our team of engineers will clarify this. We analyze your priorities to determine the advantages and disadvantages of a single integrated delivery and cost plan. After the approval of the project, we design and create software that meets your business goals.

Challenges we’ve Accomplished

IoT-based digital conversion is a difficult start, but we know how to take it. We use our vast experience in cloud computing and design, cloud management and monitoring, remote monitoring and management, data analysis and data security, etc. to help you quickly complete IoT process interruptions.

Shortage of In-House Competences in IOT

One of the main problems for architects and developers of IoT is the lack of a standard based on a cloud-free uninterrupted integration of communications and the absence of processes. to test and diversify the operating systems and functions of IoT devices. We are ready to share our experience to help you reduce the burden on IoT.

Constant Evolution after Deployment

Because your business strategy can adapt, IoT solutions must be able to adapt to new goals. In our approach to IoT architecture, we emphasize flexibility and scale capabilities. We guarantee that your IoT solutions not only meet the needs of your current system, but also provide the basis for future operations.