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Services Desktop Application Development

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Websol Technologies desktop software is the power of the company. Combining rich technical experience, many years of experience, and a deep understanding of the low-level architecture of the desktop operating system helps us to meet the full range of desktop application development services our clients need to solve the most complex tasks.

What we do!

Our desktop application development skills can be the cornerstone of building applications that will delight your users with robust functionality, speed, and user-friendly interface. We are a team of professionals who can create sophisticated desktop solutions, upgrade their legacy solutions, create corporate special middleware to integrate their corporate applications, Making the business process flexible and efficient.

UWP Application Development

Microsoft Store is an ideal option for those who want to make their software readily available to all Windows users. Websol Technologies knows how to develop UWP applications from scratch or convert existing solutions to UWP format so that it can work on all Windows compliant devices.

Desktop Software Modernization

Do you think your legacy applications limit the performance of the company or maintain low user usage? Outdated software can cause a number of problems for your business, including security and stability issues. Websol Technologies can upgrade to modern desktop software or make it scratch-free using the latest technology.

Desktop Software Integration

Proper data transfer and workflow in the corporate IT environment are critical to the effectiveness of today's distributed systems. We can build and integrate a comprehensive integration solution so that all your business solutions work efficiently and seamlessly as a system.

Medium Equipment’s for Desktop Application Integration

Websol Technologies add deep knowledge and capabilities of the OS architecture needed for your business to get the most out of desktop applications. Our software development team has the experience of creating specialized middleware that addresses the most complex tasks of enterprise IT infrastructure related to the exchange of data and work processes across different systems.

Technology in which we are Hands On